Privacy Policy

You are attempting to access private Lightburroway computer systems that are restricted to authorized persons. Neither Lightburroway systems nor any confidential commercial data or personal information thereon may be used for any unauthorized purpose or in violation of applicable law, or any Lightburroway policy or procedure.

Lightburroway reserves the right to electronically monitor access and use of its systems and data without any further warning, and your access to or usage of Lightburroway systems constitutes your consent to such monitoring, subject to applicable law.

Unauthorized and/or improper access and/or use of these systems may subject you to prosecution, civil liability, fines and criminal penalties, and where applicable, may also be grounds for disciplinary action.

Lightburroway and bot app are not using any third-party data.

Lightburroway is a budget editor without having to connect to bank accounts. Our Services allow you to submit, store, send or receive content only manually. You retain ownership of any intellectual property rights that you hold in that content.

In short, what belongs to you stays yours.

Lightburroway not share your data with third parties, and user data is not sold.